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Hello All...

I have recently started cycling about 20 miles a day and hope to join a club and do more at the weekends. Im new to cycling so I have little knowledge of products/brands etc.

I bought some Look pedals yesterday and am having trouble clicking back into them after junctions. How long will it take before I can do it easily without even thinking about it?

Rach x


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    Start by looking down so that you can see exactly what you are doing, then slowly start to do it by feel instead after a few weeks.

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    Porridge not Petrol
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    Yeah at the distances you're doing you should get the hang of it in no time. My commuter's got toe clips so I'm still a bit wobbly on my Look pedals on my weekender. There's something about the sound of that click that I love....

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    Just make sure you don't have to start off on a steep hill until you get used to them, I remember having to walk up one as I couldn't get my foot in, stick with it though and it'll soon be second nature

    And like HungryCol said, that sound.....

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    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
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    depending on what look pedals you have.

    i have one pair that is flat one side and look the other and one pair that is single sided look. they "fall" into different positions when unclipped, one needs little more than a push with the toe to clip in, the other is more "flip then clip".

    work out how the pedal sits "at rest" and visualise what would you need to do to get the pedal level and ready to clip in.

    you could also loosen the pedal's resistance to start off with, and if you have black cleats replace them with the red ones which give 9 of float (and save your knees into the bargain).

    btw a good choice getting looks, i know plenty of people like spds (if you join a club you're shure to meet some of them), but having tried both i can assure you have made the right choice (at least until you need to walk up the climbs anyway).

    if you are looking to join a club, if you have a choice of local clubs, go for one that has informal club runs, ladies only runs if that appeals, and welcomes anyone with a suitable bike for road riding, be it from halfords for 250 or a 2k carbon beauty. if you get blown out the back with noone staying with you on your first club run, find another club.
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    One hint - get a couple of cleat covers. I find Look cleats wear down really quickly. Just pop them on as soon as you stop at the Cafe or wherever and they'll last twice as long. I ride SPD on my winter / commuter simply because they are so much easier (and therefore safer) at the lights etc, but the Looks are great at the weekend.