Tips for 60 mile Sponsored ride?

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I am doing the Dorset Macmillan Ride on 1st July and have madly entered the 60 mile route on the basis that I did the 50 mile New Foret ride the previous year.

Have been going out for weekly long rides as well as my normal commutes but have so far only managed a 45 mile ride due to time limits.

Also, am a little worried as have been training in the New Forest which I think is (far) less hilly than the 60 mile ride.

Soooo .. am out on Saturday for last training ride, but what else should I do?

A couple more long rides? Hills?

and what snacks etc to take on the ride ...

thanks for any input,

Zummerzet Lou

Cycle shorts have magic powers that make a big bum look HUGE!!
Zummerzet Lou

Cycle shorts have magic powers that make a big bum look HUGE!!


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    I'd imagine, you're 'near enough' anyway.
    It would have been nice if you'd gone over the distance at some point, even if it was just the once, purely for psyhcological (sp) reasons.
    I doubt you can do much good now, other than keeping some distance in your legs, but don't go OTT, save your energy/health for the event.

    I've been reading up on hills & the general jist seems to be, get your breathing even first, then pedal out at a regular tempo. That then gives you a platform to push on from.
    It's certainly working for me & proved it's point as I went past all the people that overtook me at the bottom of Ditchling Beacon + others from 1/2 way up and onwards.

    Hot dang, it's the soggy bottom boys
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    as said above. If you can do 45 and stop because your bored/run out of time, then 60 over a fully day will be ok.

    Enjoy it & don't rush it.

    It'll be cheaper in the long run......honest
    It\'ll be cheaper in the long run......honest
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    You'll be surprised how much you recover if you have even just a 10-15 minute break, don't be afraid to stop and take a rest, its not a race!
    Eat and drink a little and often, about every 15-20 minutes as well to keep topped up, oh and enjoy the day, the hardest part IMO will be collecting the sponsorship money!!

    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
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    Take it easy.Set off nice and steady.Remember it is a day out not a race.We did the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride last week. We are 50-57 year olds, the ride was 72 miles. Wetherby to Filey. Cyclists of all ages and abilities.Drink often and take asome snacks in your pockets.Take advantage of the rest stops. Try to tuck in behind other cyclists and do a little recovery work.Good luck.
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    First of all, enjoy it! You've got all day!
    I went from 50 to 60, then 2 weeks later from 60 to 80 (miles), so you should be able to cope.
    (Albeit that my regular 50 is a 5,000ft ride).

    I read that you can ride up to 3 times your training distance - just don't expect to pull a personal best.

    Don't be tempted to change your routine/setup just before the event (for instance, suddenly eating bananas on the day only to find you can't stomach them, or fettling the bike only for the saddle to drop off)!

    Don't be tempted to race off at the start in an adrenaline infused pack of club riders. I aimed to pull a negative split on my first one.

    If you can, check out the hill profile for the event and decide if you need to save something for the end.

    What I do:
    Carb load for the 3 evening meals before the event - Pastas/rice/potatoes.
    No alcohol
    Ensure I am well hydrated on the day - Park up near the pre-ride toilet stop!
    Check tyres for debris, check brakes, check chain oiled.

    On the day:
    Pump up your tyres.
    Porridge with added-sugar breakfast, followed by a banana or two within an hour of the off.
    Couple of Torq or Clif bars in the seatpack, plus two bananas.
    Normally 1 of the bars remains untouched, and the fruit goes first.

    Nuun/electrolytes in one water bottle, which is drunk first, then water in the second - usually topped up at the 30 mile mark.
    I carry a spare Nuun tab. too, since by the time I crawl in to the feed stations, they've normally run out of horribly sticky energy drink!
    The advice I got was to sip water every 10 minutes to avoid dehydration, and approx. 1 or 2 bottles per 30 miles.

    ...and if you're out in the Sun - some well rubbed in sun tan lotion, at least an hour before you set off and start sweating it all out!

    Post ride:
    Massage is a popular option.
    Spare change of clothes in the boot of the car, spare water bottle, and emergency flapjacks.

    P.S: Don't forget safety pins for your number!
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    Sounds like you'll be fine. From 45 to 60 is not such a big leap as it seems - especially if your training rides are alone, and the big ride is with other people - you get an extra buzz in a group. Before I went to France on my trike last year, the most I'd done on it was 40, and I manged 60. Similarly, before my first tour, the longest I'd done on my tourer was 30 or so, and I was doing 65 by the end of that week, with most days doing 45-50.

    If you can get in a few hills, it might be good, but don't be discouraged if they seem hard work - the main issue is how well you recover at the top of each one (I don't mean how long you lie at the side of the road gasping, I mean how soon your legs 'forget' the effort once you're going down the other side...[;)]), and if you are doing 45 miles, and all your commutes, you should be fit enough to recover quickly I think.

    If I had a baby elephant, it could help me clean the car. If I had a car.
    If I had a baby elephant, it could help me clean the car. If I had a car.
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    Zummerzet Lou,

    Don't listen to this lot, of course it's a race. Set off at a comfortable pace for the first half hour and gradually ramp up the pace but never feel you are overdoing it at all until the end is in sight, even up the hills, or you will eventually blow. Drink a litre of sports drink every hour and take some nibbles in your jersey pocket but don't overdo the solid foods.

    And remember, the fun comes from finishing an hour before all your friends!! [:D]

    Porridge not Petrol
    Porridge not Petrol
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    1) Reduce your average speed by 1mph and this will get you that extra 15 miles without problems

    2) Your 'easy' carbs tend to run our after 3 hours . Make sure you start snacking before you run out, ie, have a banana or energy bar every hour, don't wait until you're starving or you'll turn the ride into an unpleasant experience.

    If you can ride an ordinary 45 miles then you can ride a special 60 miles no problem
  • Corker
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    Good pasta meal the night before
    Decent fruit enhaced breakfast
    Sports drink and plenty of nibbles on the day (inc a couple of bananas)
    Try and find someone to ride with on the day - the conversation will make the miles fly past
    If not try and find someone else whose wheel you can "suck".
    Try and eat something twenty minutes or so before any daunting climbs.
    If you start to "bonk" or just feel too tired, eat and slacken off the pace for a few minutes (I personally do not find stopping a great help when really tired as you may stiffen up, butperhaps that''s just me). Try and pick up the pace again after a little recovery time.

    Good luck

    Good luck -
  • Rich Hcp
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    You'll be fine.

    Regular rides and 45 milers up to 60 is not a big jump.

    Enjoy it!


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    Padded shorts![:D]

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    Good Luck Lou [:)]

    Considering all the commute miles you have in the bank I don't think you'll have any problems. 'Nibbles and Sips' and frequent intervals and enjoy the day. [8D]

    Vultures circling high in a clear blue sky - must be a traffic jam near by.

    Vultures circling high in a clear blue sky - must be a traffic jam near by.
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    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Corker</i>

    ...(I personally do not find stopping a great help when really tired as you may stiffen up, butperhaps that''s just me).....<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">
    I read that there is something scientific in this, and stops should be limited to an absolute max. of 10 minutes.
  • You know Lou, I've a funny feeling my very first post on this forum two years ago was on this very topic and I've a funny feeling it was your thread as well.....
    Something in my dim and distant memory says you didn't do the whole course for some reason last time.

    By the sounds of it you've done plenty of has been suggested, on a special occasion, you can push yourself beyond the norm.
    I wouldn't try tackling any big hills in preparation now, it would take you 7-10 days to fully recover and feel the benefit. Do your ride this weekend and then relax. Plent of carbs the day before (nice big plate of pasta 'd do the trick), decent breakfast (porrige is great as a slow release energy supply)

    Enjoy it, its a lovely course, yes there are a few long hills that will test your stamina, but hey, you can't ask for sponsorship for something easy!

    Davey....Davey Sprocket, King of the wild front tyre!
    Davey....Davey Sprocket, King of the wild front tyre!
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    have fun

    my baby elephant has more memory than my PC

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  • well, I did my last "training" ride on Saturday .. 54 miles. trouble was I didn't take enough food or drink with me as we really weren't expecting to cycle to far so the last 10 miles home was a struggle.
    We did plenty of hills .. just not sure how they compare with the ones in West Dorset?

    However, feel far better as only 6 mile off of the Macmillan ride.

    Mark - couldn't see your photos - facebook seems to think that the link has expired.

    sprocket - yes - I did the New Forest 50 mile ride about 2 or 3 years ago but I did make it around and found it quite easy!


    Zummerzet Lou

    Cycle shorts have magic powers that make a big bum look HUGE!!
    Zummerzet Lou

    Cycle shorts have magic powers that make a big bum look HUGE!!
  • I was in the same boat as you for the northern rock cyclone. 62 miles was further than i had ever ridden but found it quite easy on the day. riding with other people seems to pull you along. lots of food and drink help. tata