Are Felt bikes any good?

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just searched through the forums, and can see no, or a very minimal mention of the Felt bikes as sold by wiggle.

A friend has an F85 and rates it highly, but just wondered why nobody else seems to have them?!

Does anyone know where they are made?

Many thanks



  • lambster
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    Hi, I asked a similar question when I was looking for a road bike. I got no responses, but bought a F80 road bike after seeing it on a website. Luckily my LBS deals in them and they got a 2006 model in from Felt with better forks than normal for me to try. I got it for œ550 instead of œ700 the same price as I saw it on a website. For the price it is a high spec bike, not many bikes at that price have Shimano 105 which this does. I am very very pleased with it and think its a fantastic bike. You don't see many on the road too, which is nice. This is the model I have[url][/url] &[url][/url]
  • Hi Lambster, that is a damned good looking bike and price as well!

    Such a shame that the paintjobs seem rather dreary for 2007 :-(

    Don't suppose anyone knows where there might be an 06 F80 in stock do they??
    I have googled to no effect....

  • Brian B
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    I have the F70 and got it as a winter steed. Its far too good just for winter miles and it handles REALLY well. They are great for the money and look good as well.

    They are getting much more popular but still turn more heads than treks and giants and other more popular brands. I have saw some of the 2007 models and thay look much better in the flesh than viewed on a website.

    Brian B.
    Brian B.
  • I've found one at onyerbike, but œ675 seems a little rich...
  • Simon Notley
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    Felt are good bikes. They skimp a bit on the wheels and tyres to keep the price down, but so do all manufacturers who look to sell in this area of the market. The frames are very good though, as are the components.


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  • dobocp
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    hi i have a felt 85 been a fantastic starter bike, upgraded the brakes and wheels pretty light for a œ600 bike.
  • Hello again,

    a big thankyou to all the people who replied to me on here, and various e-mail conversations/advice that was given, all much appreciated.

    I have now bought a 2 year old F70 for œ470, and will pick it up on Wednesday - can't wait!