My first 30+ miles

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Not had my bike long, only done 96 miles in total on it with my most in one go being 18 miles I was determined to make 30 miles.

Weather was good today, I set off about 3pm. I really enjoyed myself, after 25 miles my legs wanted to quit but I struggled on, by time I got home i'd covered 32.5 miles, average speed was 14.5mph, this any could or am i expecting too much so early on? Also I have asthma, which may have been holding me back.

Also saw a friendly road biker on my way, anyone here on the A444 near Market Bosworth earlier today?



  • Well done. That's a good distance for a beginner. Same for ave speed. However, the good thing about cycling is that distances, speeds etc are personal (unless you want to race) so enjoy.

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    Over the years I have discovered that my expectations can reduce my enjoyment of riding. For example, you get a day and you expect to improve on your 14.5 mph and lo and behold there's a headwind and you bust a gut to maintain just 13.5 mph and end up frustrated with yourself. Life's too short.

    Riding (very) regularly will improve your stamina, fitness, strength and performance better than fighting to hit expectations.
  • Yea, i spent a lot of time admiring the scenery and my surroundings anyway. Got some route idea's for my next ride, i like to kinda plan a bit of it then just go where i feel like after a while.
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    Reading many of these threads have made me increasingly confident myself on teh road. I thought that all roadies out there went by at a speedy 25mph and had thighs of steel! Im glad to see taht there are some other newbies here who enjoy cycling as much as I do.
    I am a 21 year old girl (not that it really means much), I have been cycling for about 3 weeks to and from work on an Apollo that cost me œ150 from Halfords. I cycle anything between 13 and 17 mph on a straight road and I carry a change of outfit, shoes and makeup in my bag and sometimes even a hairdryer when it looks like rain is on the way!

    I am going to buy a Giant SCR 2 soon and I look forward to seeing what kind of difference it makes. Cant wait to leave my heavy Apollo behind - although it has seen me through the good and the bad lately.
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    When out on 'just' a ride, I bearly keep an eye on my computer, until the last 5 miles.
    Then I set a target for home, whether that be time or ave etc.

    I once had a great sense of achivement just for hanging onto an ave speed of 16.9 mph. As due to the headwind I knew I really had to work for it.

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    when i started cycling after a lay-off for some years, i stole a friend's apollo.

    it was like pedalling an articulated lorry - gets you fit mind.

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    oh and well done on the 30 miler, that's a nice average speed. don't believe the "25mph me" hype.

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    Personally I rarely look at the average speed - until I get home when I'm either pleasantly surprised or can think up a good excuse. To be honest I prefer to use a wide selection of routes and terrains (I'm very lucky where i live). The distance is what to aim for and once you've wound up to about 50 try to find a sympathetic club (the type who wait for new members!)- which will pull up both your speed and stamina and within a year or two you'll be doing your "centuries"
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    well done! theres loads of good routes around your area and you can do hilly (short and sharp) or plain flat to get some quick miles in. the 444 to the m42 and back is pretty flat, smooth and the road is nice and wide to help with the safety aspect. if you venture out to atherstone and fillongley there are sharp lumps to get over but the rides are nice and scenic.

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  • Thanks for the comments, im planning on going to Meriden and back soon, I used to drive that way to work and one day I want to cycle to work but not be sweaty and exhausted when I get there.