Roubaix first ride

andy66 Posts: 20
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Picked up my bike in the deluge on Friday, sat and looked at it Friday night as it thundered and poured then spent the day Saturday in Norfolk 250 miles from a first ride. But this morning...found my old bike gear (all a bity tatty after a few MTB races) put on my new shoes and set off. Not too saddle sore, legs fine over six miles (an easy start I thought) and the bike felt great, nimble and very stable. Riding position was well set up for me at the dealer with stem swap and saddle set-up and SPDs are on the maximum (-) setting.

Look forward to a couple of rides in the early mornings this week then perhaps a longer ride next w/e. Got to put my Cateye on tonight and buy a new shirt or two that actually looks like they were bought for me!