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Looking for your help in finding some stolen kit. 7 riders from our club are doing the Three Peaks by bike in aid of prostate cancer. Having walked up Snowdon and cycled as far as the Wirral, this afternoon they stopped for tea and Cake at the Eureka cafe by Two Mills. Unfortunately while they were there some .....( fill in your own words) broke into their support van, and made off with all their kit ( spare cycling shorts, tops, rucksacks and their walking gear), leaving them with little more than their bikes and the clothes they were wearing. Despite this they have decided to carry on with their ride. However if any of you living locally get offered any kit bearing the distinctive VC Melyd logo ( red , yellow, black) or newish walking jackets and rucksacs - please could you let the police or me know.
If you want to know more about the ride go to . Any offers of support gratefully received. Thanks

Melyd rider
Melyd rider


  • Where are the riders now?
    How are they doing?

    I looked at the website but no updates.



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    How odd! Usually thieves break into vehicles to steal Tom Tom's and stereos/Disc/MP3 players, the sort of stuff that is easily sold quickly for cash to feed a drug habit, I don't think I've ever heard of a thief breaking into a van to steal clothing and specific items of gear like ruck sacks! Maybe it was a band of passing Ramblers had one too many ginger beers, and gone off the rails!??! Thought they'd make a quick buck, fencing some walking kit to some local fell walkers, to pay for their next Ginger beer fix! LOL[:o)][;)][:o)][;)][:D][:D]

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    Sorry to here of this, we have many riders in the area and we will spread the word and let you know if anything turns up.
    Our immediate impression is that you have been followed and targeted.

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