argh collapsed bottom bracket day before cotswold

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grrrrrrrrrr left home 08:00 this morning to meet guys for club run. Hear a few clicking noises stopped and thought it was my seat post which has worked loose, but thats another story for further down.
Did another 3 miles clicking worse and I now noticed pedals moving in weird directions [8D]Got off, confirmed bottom bracket very noisey.
Pedalled home gently and just made it.
Now for the fun. Who the xxxx invented self extracting cranks? Hang him I say.
I have controltech carbon chainset, wuite expensive, with self extracting allen bolt.
Slackened off bolt and it got tight, slackened more and the self extracting nut pulled out and stripped thread in arm !!!
Went to LBS and they could not get it out, so said I would have to saw the arm off!! Ouch.
I persevered with a chisel and screw driver and took 2 hours to remove!!
The bearing of the BB had disintegrated!!! After only 200 miles? Should it not last longer?I just invested œ60 in new titanium BB but hope it lasts as I cannot get this off now due to stipped thread in arm.
OK I see the use of using light alloys for some bike parts, but an alloy self extracting on a BB? Crazy, should be steel!!!

Now to the seat post.
My seat post is carbon with metal saddle mount at the top, presumably bonded in.
This has worked slightly loose.
Is it possible to get the join between the carbon post and metal saddle mount re bonded?

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