New Bike Has Given Me Wings!

Slipknotjonny Posts: 197
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Got my new Look KG461 last Saturday, and it has transformed my cycling, I had no idea that a bike could be so comfortable and responsive. The idea was that it was to be a best bike and not for commuting, but I can't stay off it!

The downside is that I feel an immense sense of guilt when I look at my trusty Trek 1000 which is now tethered to the Tacx in the shed, after all I did promise the Trek that it would still be the weapon of choice for the 25 mile round trip commute.

What do I do? Do I honour my promise to an inanimate object, who lets face it, will never know if I do or I don't, or should I just say B******s the Look is faster, sexier and more comfortable. Trek your fired. (Until winter anyway).

Advice please

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