sussex summer corker

anyone doing this on Sunday. got myself a new bike with a triple and trying to pluck up the courage to get up early on Sunday and do it. anyone done it before and how bad are the climbs? i think that with over 6000 feet (2080m) of climbing there must be at least 10 serious climbs, are they short and sharpe or long and painful.

i'd really like a heads up prior to me getting there and making a complete fool of myself. longest rides to date are 3 100k's, the biggest climb being bowden hill on the Dave Duffield CTC challenge ride earlier this month; which had been billed as a monster but i got up it ok (on a 39x23![;)]) and felt good for the rest of the ride.

advice; please[:I]


Wot, get up early and ride to work.... are you mad?