Another new bike query

Bluenosecp Posts: 5
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After many many years away from cycle racing I have started to use my old bike to try and regain some fitness.

The old bike is falling apart and I don't think it is cost efficient to keep replacing parts on it (especially as some are now obselete), also worried about if the bike is still actually in a safe condition.

I have around œ1000 to spend:

I could spend about œ900 on a bike and save the rest for bits and pieces (pedals, helmet etc) in which case what would be the best option:
Trek 1400
Specialised Allez Elite
Felt F85
Bianchi Nia 7

Or is it worth spending a bit more, say œ1100 on the bike alone and getting:
Bianchi 1885, Felt F75, Tek 1500

Only looking for the bike to help gain fitness not for getting back into racing.