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Some may find this mesasge pointless, but I thought i would just take a minute to post my satisfaction. I recently bought some products from, and as a previous review stated, the item was recieved within 2 working days! Very good delivery indeed. Now an item purchased from them appeared to be "faulty." Not their fault of course. I e-mailed them and asked for advice. This is the bit that really pleased me.

Probikekit were kind enough to reply to my e-mail in a very quick response time, and they sent me some new items free of charge and without wanting the faulty products back.

Highly recommended shop by me A*** so if you need any parts you know where I would refer you to!


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    I've just ordered a Cervelo C3 from them. I'll wait until it arrives and then call them up and tell them it's 'faulty'. Hopefully they will be as understanding with me as they were with you!

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    Allways good to know about good service when it comes to bike shops.

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    not pointless at all.
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    ...used them mant times always excellent service...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
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    It's always good to hear customer satisfaction feedback on this forum. Nice one.

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    Good feedback is always worthwhile.

    My old local chip shop used to have a sign up saying "if you are dissatisfied please tell us, we can do something about it. If you are satisfied, please tell others"

    Sounds about right to me.
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    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by domtyler</i>

    I've just ordered a Cervelo C3 from them. I'll wait until it arrives and then call them up and tell them it's 'faulty'. Hopefully they will be as understanding with me as they were with you!

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    See, it's cos of customers like you that retailers aren't all like that [;)]
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    Ditto ChrisLS - excellent service, very prmpt.
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    IMHO they can't be beaten, their customer service, delivery and stock holding are always spot on, and they have some excellent deals, so well worth bookmarking their site. recently ordered two TACX Tao bottle cages and two TACX 500ml bottles œ17! arrived the next day, have had similar experiences when ordering previously, infact I don't think IIRC that anything has taken more than 2 working days, providing of course that it is ex stock. Certainly get a recommend from me[;)]

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  • I recently purchased some Sidi Ergo 2 shoes from The price was amazing, the lowest anywhere, and free shipping to the states too. The shoes arrived one week (5 business days) later. Superb shipping and friendly customer service. I am sure I will do more business with this company. 8)
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    I have used them on quite a few occasions, recently... Allways good service, with quick response and delivery times.
    Will gladly use them again... :wink:
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    +1 also.
    I had to return an item and have it swapped for something else. My error.
    It went very smoothly and quickly.
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    Big vote from me, great weekly specials and at the moment an extra 10% off, great quick service.
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    likewise, excellent service from them.

    Ordered some team kit couple months ago, was delivered quickly to royal mail. Shame royal mail lost it. Probikekit were quick to get in touch with me and said they would deal with the royal mail and the missing package.

    It did however turn up couple of days later, one of the tops was too large, so went through their exchange process and they responded same day with a returns number and form. Filled in, sent off and replacement top received in couple of days.

    Cant fault them
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    Big thumbs up from me as well - quick reliable delivery and a great range of gear. I've lost count of how many times have I ordered something from other online retailers only to get an email a few hours later saying the item's not in stock.

    Also they give some idea of sizing with most clothing which is priceless as a 'small' jersey can vary from something you can camp in to something that would only fit Karen Carpenter.
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    Agreed. Great choice of team kit as well.
    Shazam !!
  • Since my first order last year, I have made several purchases from Items are always shipped promptly and in my mailbox in Austin, TX within one week. Their online and telephone customer service are exceptional. sets the standard all vendors should emulate.