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I know this is a cycling site but I thought I would ask anyway!
I am having a go at a super sprint triathlon in a couple of weeks prior to the london sprint version in August.
I am not sure whether to
1- swim with speedo tight shorts underneath the wetsuit and then put on my briko katanas for the ride and run
2 wear the brikos for the swim, ride and run and hope they dry out. i feel the chamois isn't too absorbant.

ANy thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Some wit said that triathlon is:-

    Three forms of exercise wearing the wrong clothes for each one.

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    If I had a baby elephant signature, I\'d use that.
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    tri shorts have thin fleec pad rather than a chamois. I have started triathlons recently and they are great. If you can get or borrow a cheap pair that is the best option

    Alternatively buy a cycling short style swimming trunks (ie with legs) and as few seems as poss and wear these for the whole event. They will dry out, but tri shorts would be quicker to dry.

    I would avoid wearing speedo briefs as thighs will chafe, and a chamois will be quite soggy...

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    I did my first tri a couple of weeks ago and faced a similar dilemma. I was tending towards option 2, but then I bought these ... uct_id=644.

    I'm very pleased with them - they're really comfy for the swim and the run, dry really fast and the fleece padding gives a bit of comfort on the bike without waterlogging or chafing.

    Whatever you decide I'd recommend you try out the run/swim transition before the event. Even if you look a bit strange running dripping wet from the pool to the carpark. I found getting the cycling gear on while wet and out of breath suprisingly vexing.

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    For a super sprint I wouldn't worry about it, you will be finished before you have time to worry about it. Where whatever you have already that is most comfy, i.e. a pair of bike shorts with a thin chamois.

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    What super sprint are you doing that's open water?


    It's hard enough to find standard sprint distance open water races.

    I'd find something tri-specific. It makes a lot of difference.


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  • There is one at Somerlayton near Lowestoft on 24th June
  • Use tri shorts, they are fantastic. Very comfy for all 3 elements and dry quickly with no chafeing. Orca are very good. I agree about super sprint though, the swim will be over before you realise it!
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    Interested in this as I've entered my first sprint. I've bought a pair of tri shorts too, orca basic ones for œ25.

    I looked at a few pairs cheaper that I could've bought online, but glad I tried them on, if I'd have gone for the mediums my legs would've fallen off before I got off the bike for the run! They were a bit tight around the thighs!!
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    actually while I'm here. Would anyone recommend a number belt?

    Bearing in mind I'm only doing a sprint in a pool I was thinking I would get by with my number written on me, then my number attached to my top that I'll put on after the swim.

    Also would anyone recommend wearing a running vest for the cycle and run, or a cycle top for the cycle and run? (I have running club colours that I normally wear, but just have plain cycling gear).
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    number belt YES. here's how to use it

    1 Scrunch up the tyvek labels, then smooth out
    2 Attach one number the right way up using the studs
    3 Attach the 2nd number UPSIDE DOWN and on the other side by stapling all round. this means that if it flips over the other number is still visible, by now the right way up

    When you put it on for the ride, put it on the front (correct way round) then swivel round to the back. For the run swivel it back again

    If using a tri top swim in that then no clothes needed on top. If cold you might need to add something. I would use the same top for bike and run. Light wickable snug t shirt

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    Did my first sprint tri last weekend and definitely recommend a number belt - if you're having problems getting the number on ask a volunteer - they're often more experienced triathletes and generally happy to help.

    Re shorts, I used Orca basics - a great bit of kit. That said, for a super sprint you can always swim in speedos and then just pull your regular cycling shorts over the top in transition - but the chamois may make running awkward (as well as making you look rather, 'excited', if you know what I mean).

    Finally, practice transitions - both pool to bike and bike to run. The latter is murder on your legs; small steps for the first kilometre or so will help

    Best of luck!
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    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by hammerite</i>
    Also would anyone recommend wearing a running vest for the cycle and run, or a cycle top for the cycle and run? (I have running club colours that I normally wear, but just have plain cycling gear).
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    No point changing tops. Use whatever you're most comfortable in for both. For me it's the bare shoulders for the run that's most important so I don't overheat.

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