27 speed Shimano Deore gears...erm...help!

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My gears have started jumping/skipping and making all sorts of strange clonking sounds[:0]. I have no idea how to re set them [:I]but I NEED to learn pdq. I turned the bike upside down and had a poke around. I managed to get it so that the shifter moves ok on the big front ring and the small front wheel but the middle one is buggered and skips across two rear gogs (the 2nd smallest and the 3rd smallest). But when I ride it the gears slip all over the place.

Are there any idiot step by step guides on line to setting up these things properly?

I did a google search but only found dealers trying to sell the things...I need an 'on line tutor' on how to set up my 27 speed Shimano Deore gears...any help mucho appreciated[:)].
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  • yep www.parktool.com have got a guide, but the website appears to be down at the mo.

    i'll post the link for you later

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  • thankyou Steve
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  • thankyou...wow that Sheldon bloke seems to have a very cool site. I hav ejust read through the relevant pages...not sure I understand it all...but I will print it and sit next to my bike scratching my head cursing and reading for hours until it works lol!
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  • http://www.parktool.com/repair/readhowto.asp?id=64

    here you go

    it sounds like cable tension. Don't start adjusting the Top and Bottom screws just yet would be my advice

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    I had zero knowledge and managed to successfully set up my gears by following the Parktools guide.
    (Somebody tell me if i did something wrong here but...) I found that making adjustmnets while actually riding along was a much easier way of indexing the rear gears.

    (This is only possible if you can reach the adjustor, on mine it's at the top of the downtube, if you only have one right by the dueraillier then attempting to reach it whilst riding could be tricky!!)
  • thanks again...that one looks simpler to get through...cheers all[8D][:)]
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    Here .... fantastic video, explaining very well how to do it.


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    <i>Mark Twain</i>
    <hr noshade size="1">"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live."
    <i>Mark Twain</i>
  • thanks...

    well I have had some success, still not perfect but a lot better. I tightened up the single adjustment B screw and things got better. However I think I should have tightened the cable instead and left the screw half way where it was...I reckon the cable became loose...it's a new bike and I've just turned 400km on it so maybe the cable has stretched a little.

    It is still skipping a gear though...so I'm taking it to LBS tomorrow and have them fix it while I watch and make a pain in the arse of myself.

    ...once I know...then I'll know.
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  • try unscrewing the barrel adjuster screw on the rear of the mech. 1/2 a turn at first, change up and down the block a few times and see if it works, repeat until its better

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  • IF it goes horribly wrong, screw it back to where it was and admit defeat and take it ot the shop [:)]

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