cheapest place for buying wheelsets

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Hi all,

i am weighing up the Zipp 404's and the corima aero+ wheelsets

Does anyone where they can get these, at their cheapest (?) - well, less expensive :s


Happy racing


In sport, losing is the end of the world .....
la marmotte xD

In sport, losing is the end of the world .....
la marmotte xD


  • ... 89&order=3

    Prices aren't bad and shipping is free to UK.

    BTW you should move this thread to Know How to get some answers.

  • monty_dogcp
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    Corima wheels are cheapers if you buy them direct from France - but contrary to EU trade rules, they won't ship them to the UK and you have to buy them through the 'official' distributor Yellow and pay a 30% premium. For best value, look at Planet-X, you don't have to pay some lazy distributor's fat margins for box-shifting.
  • lucretiuscp
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    Planet-X are nice, but be sure to check the spokes because a friend had theirs laced wrongly. They did however eventually sort it our for him and give a free upgrade as a way of saying sorry.
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    Jedi Sports either on ebay on online are pretty cheap - My cycling blog. From commuting to crits and sportives.
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    lucretius - how did your friend know they were laced incorrectly? Just interested to know what to lookout for?

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