Advice needed with buying a new bike

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Hi all,

Please can you give some much needed advice? I am looking to buy my first road bike and have a budget of œ700. The bike will at first be used for getting fitter and then be used to enter races when I feel able to. I have seen a number of bikes that I like but please could you either help by recommending a bike or telling me what I should be looking for?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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    If you can stretch your budget to a grand somehow you can a carbon framed Focus Cayo or Planet X.

    If not, think about second hand. If you don't want second hand then hunting down a good bargain somewhere may make sense, you may be able to find a 2006 model that has been heavily discounted for example.

    Failing all those then get the bike with the best frame possible for your money then you can upgrade the wheels as and when. The groupset is the least important thing to spend money on as it will not help you to go faster. Also get your contact points right, saddle, tyres and bars.

    Porridge not Petrol
    Porridge not Petrol
  • This may be your luck day!!!

    We have just confirmed our first order of Lamborghini bikes. They will be on sale shortly and we are proposing a promotion period for bike enthusiasts.

    We'll be selling via EBay soon, deliver for mid July. I can send you the specifications via e-mail if you're interested. The Bikes are aluminium and naturally high specification. Aluminium is only a little heavier than carbon and doesn't shatter or split. Our shop is called Let It Rip Big Boy!!!

    I know what you must be thinking $$$!!! However Lambo' take a different view to bike manufacturing compared to cars. The bikes will be reasonably priced believe it or not!! In fact Lamborghini fully understand cost effective manufacturing systems and apply it to all their products. Of course there cars are so exclusive in quality even efficient manufacturing systems can't make them cheap!

    Incidentally the bikes are branded Torino Lamborghini which is the separation between the Lamborghini family branding. The logo is the same bull.

    I know this all sounds like a spoof, but time will prove we are serious. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you further details and proof of our rights to sell these puppies.

    Take care and best of luck my friend!

    Let it Rip!!
    Let it Rip!!