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<font face="Arial">After a 40 miler the inside of my left knee hurts for about a day - could this be cleat position? Also, my left foot is bigger that my right could the tight (almost uncomfortable) fit of the shoe cause problems for the knee?

I'm conscious of the fact that I could be screwing up my knee!

Is there a method anyone can suggest for optimal cleat position (I don't have a turbo)

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    My 2 cents:

    Get yourself to a good sports physio straight away. About œ48 for a session (you may well only need one).

    You'll get a diagnosis and, probably, some simple stretching and strengthening exercises. With luck, a week or so will see you right.

    If you try to cycle through it you'll likely make it much worse, particularly if you hammer up hills.

    It helps if cleats have a reasonable amount of float but also check your saddle height/position. Better to check in the flesh so to speak rather than on the internet.

    Hope this helps.
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    Have you changed anything lately on your bike? Are you new to cycling? More details please.

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    Fairly new - about 2 months. Riding 3 times a week, anything from 15 - 40 miles moment.

    I'm in my 20s - had no previous probs with knee.

    When purchased bike I had a '' job done.
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    I'm not a physio and even if I were I wouldn't give a diagnosis over the internet.

    However, from what you say it could be a roughening/inflamation of the underside of the kneecap, caused by it not moving smoothly up and down in line, rather moving slightly from side to side. Can't remember the medical term.

    The root cause of this is usually weakness in the muscles which hold the knee cap in place, principally the one on the inside of the knee, which is the end of the quad.

    If you were fitted properly it shouldn't be the bike/position. Could be your action, eg bringing the knee in to the bike. More likely just that these are muscles not used to being used quite so much.

    Very, very common and very fixable in a few weeks with stretching, exercise and perhaps some electric and/or (painless) laser treatment. A band just below the knee can help but isn't comfortable for cycling.

    But it could be something else.

    In any event don't muck around. Get yourself to a sports physio.
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    My knee problems were caused by my feet, I had never realised before that I had foot arch problems causing me to splay my right foot more than my left foot, some sole support has cleared the problem right up.
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    In addition to the good advice above, I'd add that I recently changed to Specialized BG shoes, but these were just in the foot pain arena - the marketing hype suggests they may counteract knee pain by their design (see website).
    Check your clip-ins have decent pedal float too.