Claud Butler Olympic Road - worth saving??

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After namy years of hopefully looking in skips, I've finally found what may be a semi-decent bike! Componentry is completely trousered and the frame is scratched and has some surface rust but seems structurally ok, no dents bends etc. No idea of its exact age but CB made Olympic Road framesets between '67 and '76. Has 27" rims on it at the mo so probably towards the older end?

Anyone know more about this frame, whether it's a keeper? Given that I have a tendency to pimp all my bikes to some extent even if they start out as a pub hack I need to justify this one to myself! And also to the missus who wasn't too happy at having another bike in a state of disrepair around the house... eBay beckons otherwise!

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  • Later CBs can be obtained relatively cheaply and can make nice bikes but the renovation costs for your will be substantial especially if you have lots of brazings added on. I seem to recall one on Ebay, complete bike with steel rims, going for about œ30.

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