miche fixed hub track nuts

piedwagtail91 Posts: 781
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can anyone tell me where i can get a pair of track nuts for the rear miche fixed hub, or which other makes will fit.
i tried some i had spare but they seemed to be a different thread.


  • Tall Jon
    Tall Jon Posts: 168
    They're Italian threaded so you need Miche (which are crap as you might already know) or Campag (which are very expensive). Best bet is to keep an eye on ebay for second hand Campag track nuts.
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  • Tom753
    Tom753 Posts: 737
    As a matter of fact there isn't an "Italian thread" for hub axles in the way that there's an Italian bottom bracket. Campag had their own standard for hubs, which some other Italian companies in the past have followed.

    According to http://www.businesscycles.com/tr-refspec.htm#hub Miche uses "standard" 9x1 front and 10x1 rear. But don't relay on that info though, seems it's wrong about the lockring threads.

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