Caps/hats when cycling

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I get sunburnt really easily and don't want a bright red forehead this summer so have started wearing a cap when cycling. The problem is that when it's windy or I'm going really fast or down a hill or whatever, the stupid cap tends to blow off my head no matter how tightly I've got it on and I end up wasting a stupid amount of time going back to pick it up.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is there somewhere I can get a decent cap that won't blow off my head?

I don't wear a helmut btw.


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    You need a proper casquette. Loads available here
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  • Thanks for that link, but I really just want a plain one. Any other site recommendations? [:)]
  • wiggle or Evans may have something plain
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    If your local bike shop sell clothing, try them. They may have a suitable casquette lurking in a box somewhere.

    So many roads, so little time!!!
    So many roads, so little time!!!
  • turn the hat round so the peak is at the back when you do downhill.turn it the right way round at the bottom.
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    Hat who needs a hat. SPF50 ain't nothing getting through that. Probably even better than a hat.

    This is where my witty Elephant prase would be. But Zebra's are so much better.
    This is where my witty Elephant prase would be. But Zebra\'s are so much better.
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    Hat who needs a hat. SPF50 ain't nothing getting through that. Probably even better than a hat.

    Mmmm - good idea until he starts sweating and it runs into his eyes!!!!! How plain do you want the cap to be???? I think Rapha do plain ones but it'll cost the bomb.
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    You could try a bandana. K-Wind produce them in many different designs including Tour De France, Giro D'Italia & Marco Pantani ( They are mircofibre so give protection from sun & wind whilst sweat wicking to keep you head cool.
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    Or a buff, Watch the movie, the guy is hilarious. When I bought one, they sent me a dvd with a shed load of sport films as well as outakes from a whole series of these sales movies. Good product, always wear one, wider range here

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    Agree with above - buffs are very good for keeping the sun off the bonce. The Rapha cycling cap or casquette is probably the best and comes in plainish black and white.

    I'm sure I had one of those here somewhere
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere