Bike Mechanic/Workshop Near Bath

Ferrino Posts: 83
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Can anyone please recommend a decent bike store in the Bath/West Wiltshire area? I need to have my shiny new compact chainset and BB installed and haven't got a clue who is wheat and who is chaff around these parts! For example, I phoned one store and although they said they would do the work, they didn't sound like they actually knew WTF they were talkiing about when we discussed chainsets....



  • lowe
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    John's bikes on Walcot street, Bath, are highly recommended. They have recently expanded and opened a separate workshop a few doors down from the main shop. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Ferrino
    Ferrino Posts: 83
    Thanks - booked in at John's Bikes this week - they reckon it'll cost a tenner to fit ;)