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kellys_heroeskellys_heroes Posts: 83
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anyone seen how the Argentine and Italian Ultra Fans Behave. i know there is no
room for Complacancy.but these guys make english fans look like choirboys....msut say
Danny Dyer is a top bloke as host.


  • Ace show... but English fans are definately the tamest of football fans now. Too much violence on the continent and in South America.

    Cycle me 'cross the Mersey
    Cycle me \'cross the Mersey
  • <i>English fans are definately the tamest of football fans now</i>

    That sounds like criticism! [;)]

    I used to go to football matches regularly during the 80's and 90's. I never got into any scraps (saw a few mind) but could feel tensions. I reckon you can know when and where trouble is going to kick off and, by and large, avoid it. By far the majority of fans were decent honest people whose sum total of aggression never raised above shouting abuse at the ref.
  • MelvilMelvil Posts: 2,219
    I went to see an Arsenal game a while ago. I was eating my prawn sandwich (taking care not to spill any on my new suit) when someone in front of me <i> swore </i> loudly and made a gesture with his hand. It shocked me (and the person who was on the other end of my blackberry) to the core, I can tell you.

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  • Sounds ideal Melvil. I hope you weren't sick on the prawns. There's a better class of prawn at Highbury so you should have been okay.
  • BluemooncpBluemooncp Posts: 38
    I must be missing something - because Danny Dyer seems to be a total [email protected]!
    Everyone is a "seriously naughty firm" - get a life you cockney ponce
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