Sudden 'lower in saddle' feeling

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I've experienced this feeling when cycling, as if my whole bike has lowered and I feel closer to the ground - usually after a time in the saddle. I've read somewhere that this is quite common, but what causes the feeling?
Its not unpleasant or painful but I am curious as to what causes it?[?]

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    If it's a sudden change I would suspect a loose seat clamp!

    If it's not that sudden, it may be your leg muscles were tight at the start of the ride and you felt you had to stretch down further for the pedals. As your muscles warm up, you don't feel you're stretching any more.
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    flat tyes maybe [:D]
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    do you ride a brompton?
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    do you ride a brompton?
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    A lot of sunglasses distort enough to make you feel as if you're higher than you are. Take them off and you suddenly feel lower.

    I don't know what else it could be if it's not that. Hope you're alright!

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    Riding down a ramp?

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