Any lapsed cyclists on here?

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Don't seem to have time to cycle nowadays with kids so an hours window usually has me off to the gym to do a more all round workout.

If I cycle I just want an hours blast with minimal fuss which usually has me reaching for the rusty old fixed hack. Seems to make more sense as a more 'complete' workout in that hour and no fuss or cleaning etc.

So the new Planet X bike jsut sits there looking moody nowadays. Maybe I'll eBay and just become an occasional fixed rider.

Just thought I'd share that with you.


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  • Completely understand what you're saying. I have a very expensive custom titanium bike that is now functioning more as a ornament than a bicycle. When I get a spare hour or two I go out on the fixie - it just seems easier and less hassle and more of a workout for the time available.
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    I lapsed into the chair when I got home today after 75 miles . Started knocking the fat of in April . One more stone of lard to go . I have away's found cycling a great escape from the daily grid of life . MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!

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    twentysix by twentyfive lapsed today errrrr well collapsed in a heap on the last climb of the day ,,,,,, bad back he said.. blown gasket we reckon [:D]

    Club rides are for sheep
    Club rides are for sheep