what does this mean?

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can anyone explain this in simple terms for me:

"Oh, and we send them out with the steerer uncut, so you should probably budget for shop assembly unless you are *very* confident..."

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  • the steerer tube, the tube that goes throug the headset and modern stems clamp round can be cut to length, allowing for spacers to be stacked under the stem to add height.

    this often leaves you with about a foot of steerer tube which will get in the way.

    most people cut them down to suit the frame they have, but sometimes you'll find it too short when you change frame.

    the reason they say you need to be very confident is because it is very hard to cut a tube nice and straight and to the correct length (in this case)

    i'd advise getting a shop to do it when they're putting the headset in

    the other option is buying this http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=7207 and a sharp hacksaw blade and doing it yourself

    getting the shop to do it is proberbly cheaper.
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    Another cheap option is to use a jubilee clip as a cutting guide, by the time you are near the screw mechanism you can take the clip off. I begrudge paying anyone to do anything because Im so tight! Hows the Carlton coming Vince?
  • Or just use an old stem as a guide to cut a straight edge.
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    i'd expect any shop to cut the steerer tube to your desired length f.o.c.

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