Dolce on its way

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After much deliberation re a second bike (for a little bit of speed and bling, and to keep alongside the commuter), I went for a Specialized Dolce. I've never bought a female-specific bike before. I'd gone to the shop to look at the Allez, but felt a bit overstretched on it. The Dolce felt comfortable. Am picking it up this week.

Just wondering... anyone out there got one? Good things to say about it?


  • Mrs miketherower has one - great bike.
  • peejay78
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    bit late if someone happened to say "don't, no, you mustn't, it's a pile of crap, rides like a turd, looks disgusting, turns you into a moron".

    the dolce looks great, as it happens, i am sure you will be thrilled to bits with your new steed. i've seen a few on the club run and they look cleaner than the giant woman specific frames.

  • hopeful
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    Thanks. Wouldn't be too late if it were to be badly maligned. Not getting it into my hands for a couple of days, so there's still time! Nice, though, to hear a couple of good comments.
  • My partner has one. She likes it a lot, good acceleration. Makes her look like a godess IMO
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    They've got a good reputation, I'm sure you'll like it. Three of my friends have got the Dolce.

    I recently got a Specialized women specific bike (Ruby Expert) and I can't sing its praises enough.


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    And I get over the breaks
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    To be honest, it's hard to go wrong with a Specialized, providing the bike's the right size for you.

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    "Prejudice burns brighter when it\'s all we have to burn"