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Spacer on Ksyrium ES wheels

Russ76Russ76 Posts: 53
edited June 2007 in Workshop
Hi All

I have just received my pair of Ksyrium ES wheels. I have the Shimano fitting wheels. There is a small spacer on the feehub body, Am I right in thinking that this spacer needs to stay on if i am using my 7800 10spd cassette ?

And it needs to be removed if running a 9spd cassette ?

pretty sure that's the case but would just like confirmation !!



  • MarktaMarkta Posts: 767
    From what I recall on an older pair of Ksyriums, that spacer should still be on the hub for a 9 speed block, but with a 10 speed cassette, you still need that spacer plus a thin spcaer that comes with the cassette.

    I have a pair of ES and use both washers on the freehub. I run a 10 speed.
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    I have two pairs both fitted with spacers

    Brian B.
    Brian B.
  • CyclistmCyclistm Posts: 758
    Agreed, you need the washer that comes with the wheels and the washer that comes with the cassette.
  • Russ76Russ76 Posts: 53
    cheers guys !

    I have changed this now, I now have the spacer that came with the wheels and the thinner one that came with my 10spd cassette !

    Cheers !
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