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Campag 10 speed clearance

NoelpatNoelpat Posts: 4
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I just bought a pair of Campag Khamsin wheels and a 10 speed Mirage cassette from Ribble. When I put the cassette onto the splines on the rear freehub I find there's about zero clearance between the lockring and the end of the wheel spindle so it looks as if the cassette will rub on the frame drop-out. I'm sure I have all the spacers in correctly (no extra ones) and the overall width of the cassette is just under 40mm (which is right if you believe Sheldon Brown's sprocket width & spacing data for Campag 10 speed). I haven't fully tightened the lockring yet but that isn't going to give me more than a couple of mm. Can anyone out there with Campag 10 speed tell me whether this is normal, or should there be more clearance? Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help..


  • pbiggspbiggs Posts: 9,232
    Doesn't sound right but still I suggest fully tightening the lockring, fitting the wheel and having another look and think. Should be OK as long as the sprocket and chain don't touch the frame.

  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    There can sometimes be a problem with 11 tooth sprockets and certain frame designs - check yours isn't one of them.
  • NoelpatNoelpat Posts: 4
    Hmm, Thanks for that, no it's a 13 to 26. Waiting for the lockring tool to come in the post, so when I get that I'll tighten it and give it a try..
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