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My sister in law uses her basic Raleigh MTB to ride on roads and exercise the dog on bridleways and tow paths. She keeps getting punctures and said she was going to buy another bike, so she wouldn't have to wait for my brother to fix the puncture. I said this was pointless, as my family keeps three MTBs with them in the country and she could use any of these which should cope with an epidemic of punctures.

A puncture resistant tyre strikes me as a better idea. Blackthorn is the real problem. Any ideas for a good one?


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    I have found the Specialized Nimbus tyres to be very good - Not sure what the latest encarnation of these is.
    You could try those.
    Essentially, any of their range with Armadillo puncture protection should be pretty bombproof.

    You can get Slime tape to reduce flats.

    There is a manufacturer of solid rubber tyres out there! Well, they have an honeycomb structure, so would not be quite as heavy as you'd imagine.
  • Why not have her talk to her local bike shop and see what they recommend. Nothing beats local knowledge.
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  • yep, go for a spesh Armadillo - but also, make sure the tyres are pumped up to a good pressure