Waist packs or saddle bags

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Which is better for a road bike (by 'better' I mean which gets in the way less): a waist pack or a saddle bag thingy? Does anyone have recommendations for any particular type of one or the other?


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    I have limited use of a waist pack - they hold more than most saddle bags, but I found that I was too aware of having something strapped around my middle and it increased body heat somewhat. I prefer a small saddlebag, which I don't notice on the bike.

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    I prefer saddlebags/seatpacks - I detest having a sweaty bag on my back.
    Just bought a Topeak large aero wedge bag, with a "garage door" opening.
    It's big enough to squeeze in puncture kit, 700c tube, 5x8" jacket, allen keys, levers, 'phone. Not much left over though.

    I also have waist pack that's designed to hang down behind from a belt.
    It's more comfy than I remember. (KF Explorer is the brand - quite cheap construction). Less sweaty and uncomfortable as it hangs down over the back of my shorts, rather than on the back, with 2 water bottle holders either side. It does however block full use of my jersey's back pockets.
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    saddle bag then if you decide you really need more space get a waist pack

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    *** Whether you think you can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right ***
  • I use a saddle pack, and anything else I need to carry fits in the jersey pockets.
    That's what they're there for.
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    I use a saddle pack, and anything else I need to carry fits in the jersey pockets.
    That's what they're there for.
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    The cheap type of saddle bag are what I find to be best, because they just attach with two straps rather than a plastic slidy thing that bolts to the seat's rails. They sell in decathlon for about seven quid.
  • I still use a bum bag for mountain biking...you can use it to keep most of the mud off your a**e and it holds everything I need normally. In winter I can even strap spare clothes to it.

    However on the road bikes I have switched over to saddle bags(Topeak and Carradice) and anything extra can go in jersey pockets.
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    Thanks, folks. Looks like the saddle bag's the thing. Thanks for the recommendations.

    All the best.