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Gear Rattles

daowneddaowned Posts: 414
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Hi all.

I am abit confused about the stories I have been told about chain rattles from the gears when on the small chainring and large gear and large chainring in small gear.

One story I am told is that you get this because you are at the max limit of the chainline and you shouldn't be going in to these gears anyway if you can help it as it causes the components to ware out more quickly, I know it does lead to ware and as a rule I don't use those gears unless I have a big climb and need the gears, but I don't agree with the rattle is normal.

Last year I had a Spesh Sirrus with Shimano Sora triple chainset and it was a great bike you could use any gear and never get any rattles, now a friend of mine has got a new bike with Shimano Sora triple chainset and he is getting rattles when he is at the max limit of the chain line and is upset about it, and no matter what the LBS does it cant be sorted.

So when I mention the gears about the Sirrus I am told that it isn't so and there must have been some rattle?

Now what I think is: If you spend the time and effort setting up the gears and they are in good condition then you shouldn't get any rattle and maybe the Sirrus was just set up good and the components were in better condition?

Don't really know what to think, is it just all about the setup and quality of the components or is rattles normal when you use the far out gears?


  • On my bikes the chain is noisy when I use "bad" chain lines so I try to avoid them.

    Incidentally, I was getting noise from the rear mech in ALL gears so I checked and adjusted it but it was still noisy. Eventually I figured that it was the jockey wheels that were making the racket so I guess I will have to replace them. They have done 1600km.
  • msb123msb123 Posts: 274
    easy answer - don't use those gears. there is no need to (you can get the same gear elsewhere) and you will knacker your chain
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