Roval Wheels

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I was glancing at the back of a rival comic and noticed a big advert for roval wheels (made by specialized).

i was wondering if anyone had a pair of these.

How do they ride? Value for money etc..

Personally looking for an upgrade for my bottom end mavics.. have not even thought about these.. but my mind is open.


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  • PeteinSQ
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    Do they really only use Racing 5s?
  • andy_wrx
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    5's ? Not zero's, 1's, 3's or even 5 Evo's ?

    Mind you, it seems from other news erports (see Race), QS are all coke-heads[;)]

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  • monty_dogcp
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    They're pretty hefty at 1700g a pair and the red hubs look pretty naff - Roval is a french wheelbuilder who has licensed his designs to Specialized. I know they haven't really caught on so expect them cheap at the end of the season!