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On-one inbred saddle - anything like it available?

graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
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Another saddle thread... this time it's because I've realised after trying a few others that the saddle that came with my pompino is the most comfortable I've ever used - not perfect - but not far off. However they don't sell them anymore - so anyone found something that's similar?


  • Sadly, I can't answer your question (though I suspect there is an answer) but I did want to agree with you about the saddle. I too find it pretty darn comfortable. Right from the off too. I've never once considered changing it.
  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    I'll email brant and see if he'll reveal a trade secret (something along the lines of 'it's a copy of **** but don't tell anyone'). One thing that annoys me about the saddle is the fabric strips alongside the plastic - they absorb all the water when left in the rain!
  • Good aren't they? Some of the Planet X are very similar - see if you can find Mark Anthony Cycles (Derbyshire way I think) - they used to sell a stack on ebay.

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  • mmoommoo Posts: 142
    I got a Planet X saddle from chain reaction ... elID=11215, sounds similar.


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  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    Thanks for the pointers guys.

    paulo - thanks, I'll check that out.
    mmoo - that looks pretty similar, I'll give it a blast for that money!
    Dave - the one planet-x looks like the ideal shape for me but it's leather which I'd rather not have (I'm vegan)
  • L...o...n...g forks in that Inbred! Does it still handle o.k.?

    "Like a true nature's child,
    We were born,
    Born to drink mild"
  • 16mm16mm Posts: 545
    I may have a used on somewhere. It's the one with the bloke on it?

  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652

    Yes, that's the one - I'll definitely take it off your hands! Mail me if you find it.


  • jpembrokecpjpembrokecp Posts: 1,968
    I've got 2 of those saddles: On One Inbred and Planet X Pirate. Brilliant saddles; really comfortable.

    well, yes <i>and</i> no......but mainly no.

    well, yes <i>and</i> no......but mainly no.
  • msb123msb123 Posts: 274
    i may have one as well. i'll have a look.
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    L...o...n...g forks in that Inbred! Does it still handle o.k.?

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    I take that was aimed at me?

    Yeah those are Marzocchi All Mountain SL's, 130 - 150mm travel set there in 130mm mode. The inbred is a 456, so it's designed to take a 4-6" fork. The only downside is that the front can start to wander and wheelie on really steep stuff, but that is quite common on any bike if you're 6'4" like me. If I were buying again, I'd probably buy a fork with lock down instead of lock out, so that I could drop the front height for the climbs.

    It's an absolute blast on twisty singletrack though, only really getting caught out on very sharp turns

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