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TdeF - Riis - Drugs & the French ......

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So Bjarne Riis has had his 1996 Tour de France win scrubbed from the records because of his drugs admission. I've no complaints on that one. Ullrich was second. Will he be promoted, I doubt it. Floyd Landis will probably not be the winner of last years TDF either because of drugs. Lance Armstrong is constantly under suspicion for drug taking due to his fantastic TDF victories. The list goes on.

Now I'm not defending drug taking in cycling at all. But the TDF are appearing to set double standards. Has Richard Virenque been stripped of his King of the Mountains jerseys or his podium finishes? No. Has Jacques Anquitil been stripped of his five TDF victories, when quized on drug taking said "What do you think we do this on...mineral water". No.

Basically the French just can't stand anyone but a Frenchman winning the TDF.

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