Compact Chainset

Ferrino Posts: 83
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Can someone please recommend a cheap compact chainset+BB package which will work with an 8-speed Shimano setup (Sora front derailleur, 8-speed chain etc...)? Looking for a 50/34T. This is for my cheapo Decathlon 7.1 road bike, so don't want to spend too much (please don't advise me to get a 9/10-speed setup!). I think I want to fit a new BB as the Decathlon one is reputed to have had issues.

I've seen some up on EBAY but am not certain if they will work OK with an 8-speed chain and I've seen some reduced Campag ones but the listing says they require a Campag front derailleur?

Was looking to spend no more than say 60 quid on the package, with a tenner for my LBS to fit it.....