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dawes galaxy frame size/ price

peterthomas700peterthomas700 Posts: 2
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Im looking to buy a dawes galaxy and would be gratefull for any info on price deals / suppliers . I am 5' 11 1/2 and 34 inside leg . Evans size guide suggest a 59 cm frame does this sound correct .


  • Dale 1Dale 1 Posts: 128
    Hi Peter,
    Not sure about frame size, it's always best to go for a fitting and to test ride the bike for comfort/correct sizing ect.
    Maybe not in your area but Spa cycles at Harrogate are highly recommended and well worth the trip.
    Cheers, Dale.
  • Chris JamesChris James Posts: 1,040
    I have a Dawes Audax 06, which looks to be a similar frame. I have exactly the same height and inside leg as you and have the 57cm frame, which fits fine. The stem, at the top of its travel, results in the handlebars being about level with the saddle.

    I would have thought the 59cm might be a bit big for you (I certainly wouldn't want a bigger frame on my Audax for example and have it set up much the same as my old tourer - i.e. not aggressive low bars)) although obviously it depends on how much seat post you want showing, if you want the bars above your saddle, etc.

    You could do with test riding one, I just posted this to give you something to work from.
  • jumbolugsjumbolugs Posts: 181
    I have a 2003 Galaxy which is a 59cm frame (the top tube is about 57cm I think). That was the size recommended to me by the shop and it is ideal for me. I am just under 6ft with 33" inside leg,
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