Fixed: How much have you guys spent on builds?

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Thought I might start this off out of curiosity and also as a bit of an information thread for those weighing up a conversion/build as opposed to an off the shelf bike.

I've done two - one single speed for the better half and a nice fixie for myself as a backup/summer bike.

The single speed was built up with the spare set of wheels from my pompino (I had a dynohub built into a wheel and rear to match when I bought it) and only the bars and stem used from the original bike as it had been sitting in a shed virtually unused from new (early 80's I suspect).
It was shot-blasted and powder coated, got cheap double crankset, stuff from the parts box which had been bought cheap 'just in case' like œ3 tektro aero levers, BB, brakes, freewheels, saddle and post. Total cost estimated at œ200 for a really nicely finished bike - just over œ100 if you don't count the wheel which were collecting dust.

My fixie was another frame only job but also came with brakes and mudguards. Did it all nicely with nice wheels and fresh bars/stem etc. with the exception of a free battered crankset. Still cost œ250 odd.

Now these are still good value but I can see where I made the most expensive mistake: donor bikes that were old and knackered or frame only so no salvagable parts and more particularly wheels.

I reckon spending an extra œ50 on the mrs' donor bike would have saved a fortune as it could have been a straightforward SS conversion job. Advantage is the parts can easily be transferred onto any other frame should it be deemed necessary.

OK - now time for you folk to tell how you knocked up a tasty fixie for œ10 [:D]


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    My recent singlespeed build cost about œ1000 - if I add up what I paid for all the bits originally.

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    MY Fixed MTB cost about œ70, bits off ebay etc. then once I got used to it, I got aproper back wheel built for about œ70, soon after which the bike was nicked.
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    œ300 for a ribble fixed. frame a bargain at 25, but everything else really mounted up, 40 for a 46T ring, 110 for wheels etc., even 2nd hand bars, stem, seatpost etc cost me plenty.

    it was ok but i sold it on for œ280 as i wasnt using it, have 3 other bikes anyway. fun to build, ill do it again if i get a good frame.

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    fgg 1666
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    I initially had a budget of just above œ300. I had picked up the frame with fork, headset & BB for œ160 and was going to go cheap-as on the rest.
    Then, I picked up a Record/Open Pro front wheel (new) for œ50...and a nice 26.8mm Campy seatpost. (œ10). I bought a stronglight99 chainset, but realised I didn't like it and bought a new track one instead (œ40?).
    Add chain ring, new rear wheel + chain, tyres, handlebar,brake lever and brake and suddenly I was closer to œ500..but I was very happy with the result. I've later upgraded the headset to Chorus, chainset to Sugino75, wheels to highflange campy with Mavic CXP30's (tubular), nitto bars, nice stem, etc and the value is probably closer œ1000 now.

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  • It ALWAYS costs more to "assemble" (fixed or geared) as opposed to buying a complete or part-complete bike as long as can use the main components.

    10 or more years ago, when could still buy decent 10 speeders for 20-30 quid, then I think I did a couple of fixed at c. œ40. Don't see how could be done now for less than a ton, especially if have to buy ALL the bits (it's very easy conveniently to forget the odds and sods that one finds in the "box" - but which do have a value!).

    Even then, complete often cheaper. As far as i remember my fully running Mercian cost a straight 100 and my '59 Rotrax 60 plus about 30 for paint.

    Market has moved - can double those prices (from 5-6 years ago) I guess. There's a Rotrax on th'ebay at moment that would make a nice donor for a fixed - starting price half a grand!

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  • the amount i'll have spent on re-building my dad's old bike (even then it wont be fixed despite plans) will be about the same as just buying a specialized langster.

    seems only worth doing if all that is needed is to slip another set of wheels and gears on and replace cables / brakes
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    i think my condor probably owes me a grand or so, all told. that said, some of the parts (cranks, hubs) have done time on previous builds - and i expect the phil hubs will outlast a few builds to come.

    dave, you need a new sig - mild month ended last week ; )

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    "The people of Ulverston are liars, drunkards, whoremongers and thieves and follow filthy pleasures" George Fox, 1652.
    FGG#2484 & FGG#4529
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    I haven't dared total up what my fixed build cost in the end. I intended to spend no more than œ200, but was probably closer to twice that. It was a mix of 2nd hand frame, spare parts and new parts. I think it was well worth it in the end though - I've hardly ridden my other bikes since as I'll ride fixed in preference for shorter rides and when I don't need to carry large loads, and I certainly wouldn't ride anything else on my commute now.
  • Anonymous
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    My fixed hack bike was made from my existing apollo 12 speed racer frame and wheels from the 1990's (bb was shot aswell as cranks).
    Money spent on it:
    œ9 shimano bottom bracket
    œ10 double crank set
    œ6 bar tape
    œ5 primer/spray cans/decals
    welded the freewheel to the screw on cassette (free)
    old usable chain from hybrid (free)
    Total: œ30 + a week of evenings labour.

    I didn't want to make it look to flash, after all it is a hack bike and I dont want to bait any thieves. To make it less desirable, its still got the 27" steel wheel rims + treads, and the welded cassette doesnt say I'm fixed/SS. Strangely enough, its become my favourite ride. ... /Hackster/
  • my main fixed - 2545 in the sig below - is slowly creeping up. bought 3.5 years ago for 300 it has undergone a lot of updgrades/changes, including new paint job and new Phil Wood/Deep V wheels. then bars, stem, saddles, headset, etc. would cost me at least twice what i paid for it.

    my current second fixie is a lovely old Daccordi Columbus SLX frame (œ85 ebay) bought frame only. added Chorus headset, mirage BB, athena chainset, brand new (œ42) TA Chainring, using the wheels of the old peugeot in sig below, cut down bars and stem from the parts bin, as well as brake caliper. In any case, probably cost me (even if I included the wheels) about œ320.

    the idea of spending about that on an off-the-peg bike just doesn't make any sense to me - particularly as so many strands on here have people talking about how they need to change the stock things that come with their fuji/langster/pomp, etc. admittedly, there is also so something about wanting to ride something a bit different

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    FGG 2545, 2983
  • graham_g
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    Glad I'm not alone then [:D]

    Thanks for all the details there guys, makes for interesting reading - particularly as there are quite a few nice bikes that fall beneath the magic œ450-550 off-the-shelf price bracket, and big spends which would still cost a good bit less than a custom Condor Pista!
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    I think that building the bike yourself and finding parts on ebay etc is part of the fun. I managed to buy a classic Gios Aerodynamic on ebay for œ100, build the wheels for about œ60 and then then sourced various other parts for about œ100 more. Trouble is, the frame would really benefit from a respray as its over 25 years old and has a hard life, but that's gonna cost about œ200 to do it justice Shortly after I finished it, a club mate offered me another Gios for œ200 which has also been turned into another fixie! I know I could have popped around the corner and bought a Langster, but it wouldn't have the same character
  • graham_g
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    The build is definitely part of the fun - even though they're dead simple beasts I've learnt loads from stripping down the old bikes: removing/fitting cranks and BB, adjusting/greasing 1" threaded headsets (or realising that the LBS needs to fit a new one!), fitting aero levers and brakes - hell, I'd never even put bar tape onto drops before!

    That's priceless..
  • nigecp
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    I've spent anywhere between 50quid for the latest SS convert for the little lady, based on new parts purchaed to assemble the previously owned bits, to in excess of 2500 for my ultimate custom built frame fixie! I know this is just pure extravagence.[8D]

    So it is all down to what you want and can afford to spend.

    Although due to the popularity of Fixies it is hard to find cheap frames and stuff off evilbay these days - it seems all the bargins have gone.

    I also own more fixies and SSers than geared bikes.

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    depends, my winter training fix (soma rush) cost about œ475 all in, my Merckx was about œ350 spend and the Ganwell was about.... errrm.... {insert sheepish smile} œ1.7K.. ish.

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  • Slimtim
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    Surosa 'Courier' track frame with carbon forks, brake calipers, headset, Campag BB - œ60
    Campag Pista 170 cranks - œ30
    Open Pros on Miche hubs - œ50
    Flat bars - œ10
    Dirt Harry levers - œ10
    Fancy coloured chain - œ8

    All parts are VGC second hand.

    The rest of the parts are small finishing bits and pieces (e.g. coloured cable outers, stem) that came from Ripley.

    The bike looks great, rides great and is great.
  • MrSmithcp
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    condor pista. upgrades from standard:
    goldtec hubs on cd-grey openpro's
    dura-ace brake
    Deda non-anatomic shallow Italian drop bars (not cheap but i didn't want anatomic)
    carbon post
    izumi chain
    cane creek carbon cross-top lever
    fitted a brooks saddle not included in the build price.

    went a bit overboard on the spec but i was treating myself, very happy with the bike, had a few hardcore roadies comment on how nice the bike looks :-)
  • velocipede65
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    Best bargain? Complete Ribble track bike off ebay for œ70! With nearly new Miche Primato cranks and hubs. How come so cheap - it was advertsied in ebay motors, not the bikes section!!! I spent œ20 on some road forks and a tenner on a front brake - œ100 all up. It was actually just a bit too big so I sold it (on ebay) for œ320!

    Average spend on my fixies is probably œ500 which has tended to get a classic steel frame with Campag or similar components....and a lot of fun!

    Latest one has cost about œ500...see for some pics of it.

    I've bought several track frames from Nigel at and they have been bargains!
  • Greenbank
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    Very similar to MrSmith

    Close to œ1000

    Condor Tempo (like the Pista but with clearances for 28mm tyres and full guards).
    Open Pros
    Brooks Swallow saddle (although 'only' œ120 as I got it in a sale). ... enbank.htm

    1200km so far without a single problem.

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    If I had a baby elephant signature, I\'d use that.
  • bonk man
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    My normal racing fixed, cheap Echelon badged Dolan track frame about œ125 , œ60 rear wheel, fiver chain. the rest of the other bits from the bits shed[:)]
    My latest... lo pro frame + bars, brake and seat pin œ10, the rest out of the bits shed[:D]..... might have to buy a new chainset as the one I am using is slightly ugly looking and spoils the look of the machine, any one got a Shimano [ sorry about that but some one has to use the stuff]chainset they dont want a lot of dollar for, old 105 or 600 type of thing, I have lots of chain rings, [so no sweat on that].. ...... in the bits shed[:p]

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    Club rides are for sheep
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    I bought an Carlton Clubman on ebay œ87 shipping a whopping œ25. The wheels were changed for a pair of fixed which I got for œ40 including tires and tubes. I bought 3 front 118 chainring for œ20 and the sprocket was œ17.50, a chain from condor for œ13 and then a chain whip as I needed one. I think it came in with postage on parts at œ199. It has been a comfortable ride and the geometry of the frame suits me. More relaxed than modern frames.
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    Oh god... Lots...

    (Don't tell the missus!) [:)]

    99p for this?!?!
    99p for this?!?!
  • mines cost about œ200 so far. i got the bike (a fixed) for free but it needed a new wheel so that was about œ70 for a miche hub. i then got a miche track chainset and eai sprocket with izumi chain to replace the battered old stonglight road chainset. put them on yesterday and went out today and was suprized at the difference.i hadn't expected much difference but it felt really smooth with no slack/tight point in the chain and perfect chainline with no messing, a lot quieter as well.