xc stem and bars

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i have got a scott spark 30 and i plan to use it on the road alot thru the summer i have some maxxis detonator tires on which are very quick on the road, i will use it off road aswell.

im looking at getting a carbon stem and bar combo for it any thoughts on which one to get im looking at fsa at the moment, are carbon stems relaible for xc use?


  • Carbon stems are reliable for xc use, but you can get one as light for a lot less money.
    If you are going FSA get the OS-115 which is alluminium with a carbon cap.
    A lot of racers go for Ritchey WCS.
  • I wouldn't use a carbon stem off road, and i can't think of any carbon MTB stems at all off the top of my head.

    Carbon bars will be fine. Easton, raceface and others make carbon bars

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  • Bontrager use a carbon stem, but it has a steep 12 degree rise/fall
  • "Ritchey WCS."

    Nice kit - if pricey!

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