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I'm partaking in a ride from Edinburgh to Southport in August for a local charity and have recently bought my first road bike. I want to get rid of the toe clip pedals that came with the bike and wondered if the following is a good deal. ... Combo.aspx
I don't want rigid shoes that can not be used for walking too so thought the above looked quite good.
any advice would be appreciated.


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    I've hot similar mtb shoes (Spesh taho's) I used them at first with my hybrid Ive now got a Road bike too but I'll continue to wear therm until they wear out. Like what you are saying I like to walk in them. A colleague has got the MT20's and he's never had a problem with them, they seem a good place to start.

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    Whatever you do, don't get the MT520's spend some money, I bought them, hated them, replaced them with some Northwave Lizard's and never looked back. they're good for wide feet too.

    The pedals though, Fantastic. I have those on my 'around town' bike and the quality is amasing.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think ill pop into Cyclexpress/middletons tomorrow and see if they have any in stock i can look at "up close" or maybe even try on.
    My main concern is about getting shoes that fit correctly. I seem to vary from UK size 9 to 9.5 to 10 depending on brand in "normal" shoes (43,44,45 i think in euro sizes) but i dont want to order shoes that are too loose fitting that they might rub, especially considering I will be wearing them considerable periods of time.
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    Flexible soled shoes for cycling will give you hot foot and will not give efficient power transfer (for every ten watts you expend cycling 3 or 4 of them go on bending the shoe). Buy shoes for cycling in and shoes for walking in, compromise will lead to disappointment.

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  • I've just swapped from Lidl to Specialized; agree the rigidity gives improvement in comfort and (probably) efficiency. Wouldn't want to walk more than a few hundred yards in them though.
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    I've just swapped from Lidl to Specialized; agree the rigidity gives improvement in comfort and (probably) efficiency. Wouldn't want to walk more than a few hundred yards in them though.
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    Just swapped from old softish soled early generation 1 Shimano shoes and M520 copies, due to pains in the outside of my foot.

    Spec. BG Sport MTB shoes -
    You can walk in these, however they're stiffer soled than the Tahoes i.e. Running would be painful and walking long distance will probably give you ankle pain.
    I live 0.25 miles up a rutted track, so have no option but to walk (or drive) to get to the road!

    These are the most comfy shoes I've ever owned - including normal shoes - The ergonomic insoles are really fab. and less than 60 quid!
    (I'm normally size 9.5, but have ended up with a pair of size 11s which fit perfectly).

    Shimano A520 pedals - These come with a small platform.

    The extra advantage to the ones you've linked are that you can add reflectors for the winter/dark months - though if you buy double-sided SPDs, there are reflector accessories that clip-in on one side.

    Just as an aside:
    I went to see Carl at Condor - I gave him the info., he took one look at my feet, said "I've got just the thing" - scuttled off and came back with these shoes.
    "But how did you know the size?"
    "I just looked at your feet!"
    Amazing, and great value!