rear wheel hub... HELP ME!

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getting extremely fustrated now... trying to disassemble my rear bike wheel, it has a quando hub. I have took the gears off, and placed a hex socket in opposite side to get the hub off (think its the hub - the bit that the gears sit on).

Have even put a very long wrench on it, and hit it with a big hammer, it will NOT move.....

Anyone had similar problems, and any suggestions are appreciated? [xx(] heelp


  • pbiggs
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    You may not be able to do much or anything if it has cartridge bearings. State the model of Quando hub and someone here may know more about it. Try the Know How section of the forum too. Search the web for more info on your hub as well.

    Meanwhile, look up general instructions on these sites:

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    Quando hubs - complete junk, replace it with something that lasts particularly the freehubs which wear out in no time