Giant SCR C4 - any good?

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I'm looking for a very large bike to carry my six foot six and 15 and a half stones over long rides up and down and around the Surrey hills.

I considered the Spec Roubaix but apparently you cant get one until October and I am considering a Condor Squadra/Baracchi ( I have always liked Condor bikes but need to put function over fashion).

I had never considered Giant before because I thought they were a kind of cheap brand but I have taken a look at the SCR C4 and it looks pretty good.

Also it is available - now.

Is the Giant as good as the Spec? How does it compare to the Condor?

Any experiences good or bad - thanks


  • I can't advise on whether it is any good or not. But I was looking at one yesterday (Tuesday) at a local shop on offer for œ900. I was also looking at Specialized Roubaix I have been told that they are available?! Indeed a I am aware of a shop discounting them (but only this week!)

    I am in the market for something similar to you let me know how you go on.
  • TomF
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    I ride a C3 frame (all the SCR composite frames are the same). While, I can't comment on its suitability to your physique, or its componentry (I bought the frame cheap and then had the bike built around it), but it is incredibly comfortable for the sort of riding I do (loner in the hills and sportives), light and, as far as I'm concerned, fast!