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I broke my collar bone in a fall from my bike in a race last week and was wondering if any other members had a similar experience. How long before you were back on your bike? I am planning to do the Etape on the 16th July ........... is tat still feasable?


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    broke mine last november, depending on how bad the break is, I think it's not great timing to attempt a big ride in what 6 weeks? How aqre you going to keep your form up before then?
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    Unlucky - hurts doesn't it?
    Broke mine on March 24th. I was back on the turbo after 3 weeks. I started running at 5 weeks, gentle road riding at 8 weeks and swimming at 11 weeks (now) and almost proper road biking - up to 2 hours, weaving around anything that looks like a pothole and getting my nerve back.
    I think it will depend a lot on your brake. Mine is quite separated and the bones passed each other resulting in a golf ball sized lump that is still hardening. If you get a closer union you may recover more quickly. I was advised to wait another 8 weeks before heavy use, so a total of 19 weeks for a full recovery.
    Go with your docs advice - they'll probably say don't do it I reckon. The risk is if you injure it again when it is healing it can lead to non-union problems and then you will need surgery to add plates and screws to hold it together and it may never be 'right' after that.
    The turbo sessions really helped me stay positive and I'd highly recommend doing them - I started with my sling on riding one handed and progressed to lightly resting the bad side on the bars and slowly returning to normal load over 5 weeks or so.
    Phone them up and ask when you can start physio - I started at 3 weeks and that was way to late resulting in decreased mobility and painful ongoing physio. Follow the physio carefully, overdoing it is bad news and can set you back a lot - it's the opposite of 'no pain no gain' in the early stages - pain = stop.
    Stay positive - it'll be a distant memory next season if you're sensible.
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    The faster it bonds the better !

    Personally I'd take this asa rest signal, seriously.

    Mine was ok after 4wks though my flat speed wasnt to bad hills where totally out the game = no power !

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    [;)] \'tuono nel mio cuore...[:)]
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    Don't push your luck with it because you'll pay later.

    Best of luck with your recovery


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    agreed. It depends on the break. Mine took 7 weeks before I was back on the bike (with doctor's warnings and caveats). It was 3 or 4 months before I was ready to power it into sprints and climbs, though.

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  • Hi all, Thanks very much for your frank replies. After speaking with the medics and reading what your personal experiences were I reckon I was fooling myself into thinking I would be able to get back on the bike in such a short period of time, maintain my fitness and then be ready for the Etape with all the climbing thats involved this year. Kevin