bike shops in herts WGC

nicholas anson
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been getting into riding on roads rather than mountains the last few months and have really got the bug for it and decided to get myself a road bike. Currently riding a 1980's raleigh racer thats a bit too big for me! get some funny looks
I had my eye on a focus cayo from wiggle. But was wondering if there were any good road bike shops near welwyn garden city - hertfordshire area were I could have a good browse over a few makes and models. Got œ1000 to spend (don't tell the girlfriend!)


  • h4ydn
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    There is a bike shop in Hatfield, I think it is called Hatfield cycles.

    It is on St Albans Road East about 5 minutes walk from Hatifled train station
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    yep - Hatfield Cycles. I first dealt with them over 30 years ago when Jim Mepham owned it. It was vey popular (at the time) with Verulam CC and Lantern Rouge peeps.

    Has now changed hands; part of a small group. I bought a bike from them - Caroline and Dave are both helpfull (except sometimes on a Saturday morning) but make sure you don't get the 'care in the community apprentice'.
  • cheers for the help, I wil drop by and have a look, I was told there was a good shop in potters bar, anyone been there?
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    Where in WGC are you? I think the area is a bit lacking in a decent LBS.

    The Potters Bar shop is Shorter Rochford. They have another shop in Finchley. I haven't bought anything from them, but I've been in the shop and they seem to be enthusiasts and know what they're doing.

    Further afield, Cyclopedia in Watford is a good bike shop.
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    Shorters in Potters Bar cater for the enthusiast end of the market. They have a good range of road bikes including their own branded frames. Darren who runs it is knowledgeable and a keen time trialer. Prices run from the Spec. Allez at around œ499 to well over my price range.

    So many roads, so little time!!!
    So many roads, so little time!!!