Winter Wheels

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I am now building my first bike for use next winter. I am currently pondering over which wheels to get.

I have considered another set of Mavic Aksium's which I have already got on another bike of mine and I like. However I have also looked at some Vuelta Zerolite Corsa's and Fulcrum Racing 7's. Does anyone have any experience with these wheels? Any other suggestions of a good wheel set for less than œ150?

Many thanks [;)]


  • Vento's are a reliable and robust wheelset at around the hundred quid mark, probably on a par with the Askiums (I have both).

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  • blackhands
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    Quest Como at œ60.00 (œ70 for Campag) are excellent value and v. strong.
  • JonBurns
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    You could go for some Fulcrum Racing 5 Evolutions at œ126 from here; ... oduct=4511
  • Garybee
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    The older Campag Ventos are very strong. As they have been replaced by the much lighter, large flange models they are very cheap now. I have seen them for as little as œ60.

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    Hypocrisy is only a bad thing in other people.
  • denzil023
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    Many thanks. Like the look of the Quests at the moment, though the Fulcrum 5's are very tempting [:p]
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    32 or 36 spoke handbuilts. Spa Cycles wheel builds are exemplary. Winter wheels don't need to be ueber light or blingy, they need to work and have standard parts that can be repaired easily (spokes, rims, bearings).