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Atera bike rack

chas38chas38 Posts: 65
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anyone had any experience with Atera bike racks - build quailty, strength, ease of use etc. I'm looking to replace a 'TradeKar for Four' rack and have looked at Pendle and all the usual suspects when I found this offering from Atera called the 'Strada' ... trada.html
I know its expensive but when carring 4 bikes about and over to the mainland once a year from here in sunny N.I. it may be money well spent if I get 5 plus years out of it. Any thoughts welcome.



  • EvilCatEvilCat Posts: 27
    Roofbox are now selling this as the top of the line. I've bought the 2+1 model but haven't had a chance to fit it yet on account still awaiting a date to get the towing hitch fitted on the car. However, I've had it out of the packaging and it looks robust, well made and plenty adjustable. It's a new model and has some decent features like a filing cabinet style slide/tilt mechanism and the straps that hold the bikes upright are lockable and steel reinforce.

  • HartfordHartford Posts: 1
    Hi EvilCat

    I've just today been trying to do an internet comparison on the Atera & Thule 3 bike rear systems.
    The Atera is apparently very new and so its good to be in touch with you. Why did you buy Atera & not Thule?
    Also can you tell me what is required to be fitted to the car before the Atera can be mounted - you say a towing hitch. Is this a standard optional accessory supplied by the car mfg & why you are having to wait? I am fitting it to an Audi A6.


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