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Lube for KMC chain

John77John77 Posts: 43
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On Sunday, I fitted a new Ultegra cassette & new KMC chain to my bike. On Monday, went for a ride and got caught in an almighty downpour (typically, I had fitted a new Brooks saddle the previous week and was wearing my new, white, bib shorts, having taken the mudguards off the bike during the week). Was too pi**ed off when I got home to clean the chain immediately and when I looked at it this morning, all the rollers were orange!. I heard that KMC warn against using chain cleaners on their chains so had a gander at the KMC website and came across this line re lubrication:

<font color="blue">"use a lubricant which initially penetrates the chain's bearing, and then turns'sticky' or'dry'. In this way
you can reach the chain parts which are most sensitive to wear" </font id="blue">

I have the Finish Line dry lube but it seems to me to be the "wettest" lube I've ever used. Just wondering what other KMC chain owners use?
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