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Creaking steerer/forks

venstervenster Posts: 356
edited June 2007 in Workshop
It would appear that I have a 'Friday afternoon bike' and have now got a creaking noise coming from the top of the forks, just above the brake caliper.

If I were to investigate this noise myself, is it just a case of unscrewing the allen bolt on top of the stem and a little tap and it will all fall out ? I'm hoping it just needs a fresh slap of grease in there.

Will any ball bearings fall out? [:I]

Is it as simple as putting it all back in the way it came out, screw back up and away I go ?

I've looked on the parktools site and they talk about special tools etc. and it all confused me too. Not sure what type of headset I have either( Trek1200).

Sorry about really noobish questions, but I'd like to be able to learn this stuff myself, but we all have to start somewhere !!
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