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I bought one of the Nike FIT DRY Vento vests the other week. The guy in the Nike shop convinced me that this would keep me cooler than just wearing my cycling top. I wasn't convinced as it's another layer, which in my mind equals warmer. He explained that all top athletes wear this type of 'cooling' clothing under their other clothing. Did the shop have very big windows and did I waste my œ25?



  • meenaghmanmeenaghman Posts: 345
    I find it quite comfortable.. just bought a t shirt last week.. from here.. a bit cheaper.. Although I picked an ASDA singlet up a few yrs ago which seems to be made of very similar material. The whole idea is that it wicks the sweat away from the body making you feel dryer.. and also stops the chill effect when you sweat going up a hill, and then get wind blowing through you on down hill. I think in the end its personal choice.
  • Eat My DustEat My Dust Posts: 3,965
    I didn't wear it this morning to see if there was any difference and to be honest I didn't notice anything!!

  • Under shirts (nike usaully (œ13) will keep you drier as the wick the sweat off your body and transfer it to the outer layer.
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