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10-speed cassettes

Richard_PRichard_P Posts: 96
edited June 2007 in Workshop
I'd like to try and get a more even spread of gears on a 10-speed cassette. I've got a Shimano Dura Ace groupset but find that the 12-25 cassette is annoying as I find that the increment between the gears is not even. However I do need a "get out of jail" gear for the TT courses I currently do.

So can I get a 12-21 cassette and simply get a set of slightly larger gear 9 and 10 rings to keep me moving up the steep parts ?

Thus the gears could be 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,23 ??

BTW the front sprockets are 52/39...


  • Phil ScpPhil Scp Posts: 2,525
    There is a Dura Ace that's 12-23 with exactly the increments you've outlined
  • Richard_PRichard_P Posts: 96
    That's great. I've tried finding out what the various rings were, but to no avail, so if what I'm after is standard on the 12-23, then I'll be a happy bunny (for a change)....
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