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34mm Headset spanner?

graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
edited June 2007 in Workshop
I've got an old Raleight 531 frame with a 34mm headset bolt on it. Can't seem to find anyone who sells a 34mm spanner - anyone know otherwise? It's not exactly essential as I can always shim my 36mm spanner with something as a fudge.


  • 16mm16mm Posts: 545
    I may be able to lend you one. I think it may be a 36/40.

  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    Mike, thanks for the offer but I should be able to codge it. I've got one of those 4in1 headset spanners and it was one of those 'what the f**k?!' moments when none of them would fit (after three times trying). [:D]
  • 16mm16mm Posts: 545
    no problem, and I meant 34/40:-)
    I've not owned a bike that it fits for years...

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