bike servicing

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how many miles before a new bike needs servicing and is it best done by the bike shop


  • Aidocp
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    They usually recommend around 6 weeks for the 1st service, I took mine in a bit early after about 400 miles.

    After the free service I've serviced it my self

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    Major service: remove chain and cassette, degrease by soaking in degreaser, dry, put back on, regrease. Clean bike thoroughly. Every month / six weeks, or 500 miles approx as a guess I would say.
    Minor service: clean and lube chain and cassette with teflon, clean bike with low-pressure hosepipe and brush. Every week / 100 miles / every ride if exceptionally wet / muddy.
    Obviously also do general checks and investigate anything problematic, but normally this gets done every ride anyway.
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    Dont forget to check your tyre pressures regularly.
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